Window glass replacement

Windows are designed with 2-3 panes of glass separated by a gap of air and hence to make the windows more energy efficient we provide the window vinyl replacement. With an excellent Rope Access services in Dubai, Vertex being a high level glass replacement company in Dubai, our technicians provide glass replacement all over UAE and make sure that the windows are replaced and installed carefully.

High level glass replacement is a general glazing service of Vertex professional rope access team. This glazing service covers all areas of the glazing industry from the easiest single glazed (single floated glass) window glazing, to the most complicated (double glazed unit or balustrade glass) high level glass replacement projects.

We replace glasses on the highest level without using scaffolding or other powered access solution, which is the key factor of our competitive glazing services. Replacing or repairing a huge, heavy weight toughened and/or laminated double or triple glazed unit is always challenging, even if the access to the external surface of the building is limited or difficult. Vertex rope access team specialises in these special high level glass replacement projects. In these cases, when high level glass replacement is coming up, the safe access solution and moving the glass unit safely is the most tricky and most complicated part of the project. Moving the glass units on the ground level (unloading, manual handling, disposal of the damaged glass or carry the new glass unit to the right place,…etc), manage the vertical lifting operation using special rope access techniques, pulley systems or similar, organising professional crane operation for lifting or just setting up a mini-crane to the roof area is also basic parts of our undertaking and these high level glass replacement projects.

Vertex offers absolutely comprehensive glazing service including all building materials from the glass unit and the disposal of the damaged or shattered glass, special access solution(s), lifting operation, …etc. and everything that's generated by the actual high level glass replacement project. The good cooperation in work with our suppliers or other contractors is always really important to achieve the highest performance in the actual project. We can rely on our partners and suppliers (glass manufacturers, crane operators and equipment hire companies …etc) who provide us the best prices, discounts and the best, most reliable services on the market.

These benefits, and our decades of experience in this special industry are the key factors of our success and already successfully completed high level glass replacement projects.