Visual and Photographic Inspection

Visual and photographic Inspection is looking into the flaws which needs nothing but a naked eye of the professional! Our professional team inspects all varieties of equipment including storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and other equipment.

Get eyes where you need them with our rope access services in Sharjah and confined space inspection services. Vertex Rope Access Services has conducted countless visual and photographic inspections of Offshore Riser, loading arms Penstocks, Dams, Hoppers, Silos, Bridges, Stacks, Towers, Rock faces and other difficult to access locations.

Our technicians are experts at getting where the others can’t. While Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) have their place in inspection work, there is still no substitute for the human perspective. Save money on expensive drones and snooper trucks that can only give you a cursory glance. Our rope access inspectors can provide live video feeds, detailed written reports and photographic or video documentation.

Our team can provide services such, hammer sounding, pit depth measurements, cleaning and surface preparation and manual removal of surface contaminants. Whatever your inspection needs, our rope access inspectors have you covered.