Surface and Near Surface Inspection

It is important to inspect surfaces to avoid ant unwanted hazards. Our skilled Technicians and our professional team inspect all varieties of surfaces and also other equipment including storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and other equipment.

Rope access is by far the less expensive and safer option when it comes to NDT and visual inspection at heights. Our rope access technicians are trained and certified by IRATA, and to NDT. Another obvious benefit of rope access and rope access technicians is the multi-functionality provided. Not only can our teams reach areas that would typically require scaffolding (which is time-consuming and expensive), but they can also perform several different NDT. The company has been constantly moving ahead by offering a resourceful line of NDT services, aiming at a full-circle corrective checkup of the quality and the reliability of products, facilities and equipment.

Vertex has zeroed in on such analysis methods and quality regulators, which cause no harm or damage to the desirability or the serviceability of the products. With a well-supplied laboratory, and a concourse of adroit technicians endowed with capabilities of rare distinction, the company carries out NDT-based operations with a firm commitment to upgrade productivity, reduce expenditure, boost security and improve brand image in the markets.