Sealant application

Sealant application is important to bond the gaps, cracks or any kind of voids. It is important to fix these voids for the efficient functioning of any commercial or residential buildings. Our specialized Sealant Fixing Application will help you reduce the risk of decaying of the walls and ensure good quality products are selected and installed correctly periodically.

Vertex professional abseilers are specialised in all types of rope access silicon sealing and waterproofing projects which requires special skills and special access solutions. Missing, cracked or damaged sealing in any surface or expansion joints, around window frames, structural glazing or other glass-works are all our specialties even.

These types of special sealant installation and repair is a crucial part of our services. Countless miles of high quality mastic lines were completed in the previous years on all imaginable surfaces by our highly skilled abseilers. We are prepared for any difficult access solutions by our mobile anchor system if there is no available tested and certified abseiling anchor points or abseiling system on the roof area. Mastic application is a fundamental part of our cladding, galzing, roofing, maintenance and leak repair projects generally. Different building materials ( metal, stone, brick, glass …etc.) and different building surfaces require different type of mastic sealants and mastic application methods.

The adequately set proper mastic sealant, after the perfect surface preparation can function for a long time. There are some well-known mastic manufacturers who provide a long lasting guarantee for their products next to the perfect application method. By our decades of experience in mastic application we improved this special application method, using rope access techniques, keeping all advice and instructions of the manufacturer. Vertex provides the most professional abseiler team for any mastic application via rope access. Our comprehensive knowledge about the structural system helps us to choose the most adequate mastic sealant and the best application method. Our rope access team completes a lot of mastic application projects every year, improving skills and knowledge for perfection.