Concrete repair/epoxy injection

Epoxy injection is the best and easy way to repair the gaps/cracks formed in the concrete structures. It is the resin based sealer fitted into the gaps to avoid more destruction to the buildings. We use high quality resin based epoxy injections that will improve the foundation of your residential and commercial building walls.

Vertex rope access concrete repair services provide GRC (glass reinforced concrete) and traditional concrete surface and concrete structure repair in UAE. Cracked and loose concrete surfaces and structures, window sills, lintels and other damaged concrete building parts can mean potential danger for everyone around, which requires attention and professional assistance.

The chemicals (generated by the air pollution), condensation and rainwater find the smallest cracks or gaps on the surface getting deeply into the structure, causing thereby serious, destroying damage inside the concrete.

The biggest issue is when the iron reinforcement of the concrete is starting to be rusty, generated by the chemical reaction between the iron and water and other chemicals, producing a constantly growing layer of rust on the iron surfaces, which slowly but surely cracks and peels off the outer layers of the concrete.

This hidden issue can destroy any iron reinforced concrete and cause a serious internal and external structural issues and concrete damages