Establishment of the VertexPlus Company In Dubai

Vertex is ‘A one step solution to all your needs!’

We are a team of varied skilled and specialized technicians from level 1 to level 3 technicians, engineers and programmers. We strive to achieve all the tasks which we promise to our consumers. We follow a simple philosophy where we continuously plan to evolve our standards and practices by adapting the latest methodologies and industry practices. We focus to maximize the benefits offered by our services to facility managers as well as protect the environment at the same time

With over 50+ experts, coordinators and trained personnel we are always ready to take task and complete with dedication and hard work. Vertex Plus is a top facility management & specialised cleaning services in Dubai commitment to health and safety will be unparalleled. VERTEX PLUS is an ISO Certified company dealing in Rope Access Services Dubai. With highly trained and assessed employees, all our supervisors are qualified IRATA Level 3 and first aid trained professionals. Our team is independently trained and skilled including the use of breathing apparatus. Our fall prevention team are all independently trained and assessed and are authorized installers of fall arrest systems.

We are an accredited member of the International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), and our team will strive to retain this internationally recognized certification. We truly believe that this continuous and tireless dedication to quality and service will guarantee Vertex Plus status as a trusted partner for an array of prestigious clients across the region. Vertex Plus offers a fast and effective access solution to any task. Our reputation is built on our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients, the application of robust project management, quality workmanship and an outstanding safety record.


Rope access may be a system of labor positioning, utilizing skills and equipment developed from the climbing and caving world. These skills are adapted in recent years to be used in industry. Rope access is now seen by many companies and therefore the HSE as a viable alternative to scaffolding and other more traditional methods of access.

With a talented and reputable workforce, we provide a good range of commercial Rope Access services. All our operatives are IRATA trained and amid A level 3 supervisor on all projects. Dynamic Access provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement for each Industrial Rope Access project we start , all of our operations conform to ISO 22846 – the code of practice to be used of Rope Access for industrial purposes. We also follow the IRATA International Code of Practice.

Benefits of Rope Access Services:

With regards to working at statures or difficult to get to regions, rope access is by a long shot the most secure and most productive access strategy utilized all over the planet today!

Practical - As expressed, rope access administrations are extremely affordable. Fewer faculties can achieve more errands sooner which means insignificant vacation, expanded creation, and expanded benefits for our customers.

Flexibility - Our IRATA affirmed rope access professionals can apply specialized rope access strategies to a wide assortment of conditions; from bound space scopes, to muddled underlying steel establishments.

Harmless to the ecosystem - Rope access strategies leave a negligible impression on the general climate contrasted with customary techniques. We don't need petroleum, oil, or power to get to even the most elevated or most secure regions.

Quick and Efficient Rope access frameworks are set up and destroyed immediately contrasted with conventional access techniques. Less obstruction with other office tasks implies less disturbances, limited vacation, and a more secure workplace for all staff.

Security - Our IRATA affirmed rope access specialists maintain an uncommon wellbeing record which has brought about our work being classed as one of the most secure in the entire development industry. We place a high spotlight on the ID and execution of dropped object controls, safe frameworks of work, rope access salvage plans and different strategies to keep up with our occurrence and injury free status. We don't think twice about!

Inconspicuous- Utilizing rope access can give an unpretentious, financially savvy access ability.

Decreased Man Hours - When contrasting rope access with customary access techniques, the worker hours needed to do a similar responsibility are altogether diminished.

Unrivaled Access - Rope access frameworks can be immediately settled to reach practically any region you could envision. This is in a real sense unimaginable with other customary access strategies. Rope access techniques can be utilized to get to constructions or regions that would not in any case be feasible to reach through regular strategies. The internals of modern smokestacks and smoke-stacks, domed rooftops, and ducting all require support eventually on schedule of which rope access is the favored strategy.

Adaptability - Greater adaptability and rescheduling can be accomplished utilizing rope access. An adjustment of climate conditions or changing work needs can be handily obliged with rope access. The recruit and transportation of customary access hardware like Elevated Work Platforms or framework can immediately turn into a calculated or monetary bad dream if work needs change at short notification.

Dispense with the Need for Heavy Equipment - The subtle idea of rope access frameworks limit the interruption on the ground, in this manner permitting laborers underneath to do their everyday obligations. This isn't true with weighty gear and platform. As a rule, raising platform to get to high regions requires considerably more labor and time. There is likewise a critical expansion in perils related with raising framework including dropped objects which can possibly be lethal.